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A few weeks ago, an email from one of my favourite stores popped into my inbox, it was completely unexpected and a little unbelievable. Charles and I read it over a few times before we decided that yes, West Elm was indeed asking me (ME!) to design the invitation for their store opening here in Montréal.

How they heard about / found me I'm not sure... I think I have the internet and likely my Etsy shop to thank for that, but they were specific about what pieces of mine they were drawn to and already had an idea for the direction of the artwork. From there the design flowed very organically, and after a few critiques from my trusted design eyes (my mom, Charles, Girlfriday and Lake Jane), I sent them a version that was very close to the one you see here.

I've been really excited to share the final product with you. West Elm has been a great company to work with and I love that they reach out to and promote local artists. This is definitely a bright red feather in my cap, and when I saw the image of my artwork on their Instagram feed, you can bet there was a whole lot of dancing going on in our kitchen.

xo Bess

UPDATE: West Elm tweeted, "Invites – printed on heavy stock – will be free w/ the purchase of a gallery frame at opening!" Awesome!! Now you know where to get your very own MTL print :) Thanks West Elm!