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Barn 2

For the last few weekends, Big Chuck and I have found ourselves out in the country surrounding Montreal. We've been in pursuit of antique furniture, on leisurely drives, or more recently, picking up car parts for our "antique" 1982 Toyota Corolla, Lola. I won't get into the car right now, she really deserves her very own post.

This past Saturday I decided to bring my camera along to capture some of the beautiful scenery found only 40 minutes outside of downtown Montreal.

Barn 3

Big Chuck and I love barns. We ooooo and ahhhh over them whenever we pass one on the road. We examine their old barn boards and imagine all the furniture we could make from them. We dream about buying one and converting it into our dream home. Of course, on a big farm property there's never just one barn. The main one would be our house, one would be the studio/office, and one a beautiful guest house where all of our friends would come and stay.

Barn 4

On Saturday, as we were driving along, I rolled down my window and took "drive by" photographs of all our favourite barns that day. Lucky for me, the weather was gorgeous and the barns were a' plenty!

Barn 1

In case you're interested, the area we drove around was L'Acadie, Québec. If you're in the Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa area and know of some barn hotspots, I'd love to know!


Have a wonderful Monday!

xo bess