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Wedding Vases

It's finally arrived - the week of our wedding! I'm starting to get excited, but honestly it still doesn't feel real. I think in part that's because we've been doing most of the planning from Montreal (we're getting married in Toronto), and because we really only started organizing this whole shebang in June!!

Regardless of whether I or not I can believe that this time next week I'll be a married lady, I'm determined to enjoy this week to the fullest. There are a few things left to do for the party (aka reception), and I've had lots of offers of help from family and friends, so I'm going to be taking people up on those to make sure that I don't turn into a stress ball as we get closer.

Next up on the list:
Order wine glasses.

Have a wonderful week!!
x bess

ps. We bought a dozen of those white vases to decorate the cafe with. I think they look pretty with the wild flowers I picked from our neighbourhood in them. Still haven't decided what flowers we'll buy... thoughts?