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Vancouver 2010

1. Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant - Gwen Delicious
2. Solid Oak Leaf Necklace - Beazuness
3. Denim Skirt - Trapper Jane
4. Alice and the Rabbit, the later years - Living Feral
5. Barnwood Frame - Paradise Hill Designs
6. Small Feather Earrings - Mountain Man Creations

In honour of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, I thought I would dedicate this Canadiana Tuesday to some artists from Vancouver and it's surrounding area. I found so many great designers and crafters on Etsy from the majestic province of British Columbia. I really like how all the selections above have a rustic/rough-around-the-edges appeal. They do a great job of summing up that certain Canadian je ne sais quoi.

This weekend while strolling through our neighbourhood, Big Chuck asked me what my favourite Winter Olympic sport was to watch, "why, figure skating!" I declared, he's more of a giant slalom kind of guy. What about you, what Olympic Winter sport tickles your fancy? Have you got your stop watch ready? Will you be judging the athletes from your couch at home?

Have a great Tuesday,