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Travel: A Week in the Swiss Alps

Living way down in the southwestern corner of Germany, the city of Freiburg affords us many luxuries. The luxury of the most sunny days during the year in all of Germany, the beautiful forests of the Schwarzwald, a granola lifestyle underpinned by strong infrastructure and superb city planning and close proximity to two of Europe's dreamiest countries, France and Switzerland. 

When our friends proposed a week-long getaway in an alpine hut in the Berner Oberland region of Switzerland (only 2.5 hours away!), we thought it was a wonderful idea. I really had no clue what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing adventure; hiking during the day, eating big family dinners at night (there were 13 of us, three families in total) and breathtaking scenery all around.

The kids walked their bums off on those alpine trails, and so did the adults—especially when we had little ones on our backs. We took the gondola up to the snowy Alpen Tower, bought milk, cheese and salami from the local farmers and were serenaded by cow bells the entire time. We hiked the Muggestutz trail, trying our best to catch a glimpse of the little mountain dwarf—alas, no such luck. The kids, however, made themselves at home in his little houses, sipping soup and drinking tea, and one little hiker couldn't resist a mini nap in Muggestutz's mini bed.

We spent nine beautiful days living on a mountain and experiencing the kind of ease and freedom that only exists when you've truly left the city and your daily life behind. 

My calves and shoulders ached by the end of that week, our clean clothes and food had run out, I was sleep deprived thanks to a baby who only sleeps well at home, but we were happy. Our hearts were full as we hiked back down and found our car parked in town, this was an adventure that our family will treasure for many years to come.