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love house

As small business mavens, we can sometimes (ok, all the time) get bogged down by the endless and daily tasks of running a business. Even when sales are relatively slow, there are so many things about my own business that I want to do, or re-do, or just be done with all together that it's hard to find time to create. I find that those pesky to-do's can really take over and slow down my momentum considerably. That's why I'm super stoked to be working on some new and exciting projects here at English Muffin. It's so great to let my left brain quiet down and trust that all those tasks will get done one way or another, they always do. Sometimes I get so focussed on learning how to be the best entrepreneur I can be that I forget how this business has evolved thus far, organically. I tackle things as they need tackling and at this point I'm still so small that I doubt the IRS (or Canadian equivalent) is going to be knocking down my door due to my accidental infractions.

Switching gears from business Bess to creative Bess was not as easy as I had hoped. There are so many distractions on my computer (ahem... Twitter, Facebook, the internet at large) that sometimes it was a challenge just to open Illustrator, so much so that Adele from modernemotive called me out on Twitter last week...

modernemotive @BessCallard Have you opened Illustrator yet young lady? ;)

Umm, no - I hadn't.

Once I did start to brainstorm and get my creative juices juicy again I managed to come up with an idea for a new line at English Muffin. I think it's a logical next step and hope to get the ball rolling on this soon enough.

So, I'd love to know...
How do you make space for your creativity while running a small business or working a 9-5 job? Do you find the time once a day to do something creative, or do you like to block off larger more focused chunks of time?

Have a great day!

(image: my house party)