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I've been slowly making the rounds, contacting stores that I think would be a good fit for English Muffin prints and am happy to report that I have welcomed some new shops to my ever growing list of stockists/retailers.

By far, this is the hardest part of the business for me; approaching new people and pitching myself and my work to them. I am trying though, and I'm even starting to consider emailing stores I didn't hear back from, whom I really think would be a good fit for my work, more than once (gasp!). I know from receiving emails concerning the blog and the business that sometimes I don't respond right away, not because I'm not interested but because that particular email requires more attention than I can give it at that moment, and of course it eventually finds its way to the bottom of my inbox. So, while I promise not to become an email stalker, I will try at least once more - if I really fancy you ;)

The response from the stores carrying my work has been really positive thus far, so that definitely gives me encouragement that my work can do well in other online stores and in brick & mortar settings. I have however yet to pop into any of the shops carrying English Muffin prints to see them in all their glory. Now that I've got a couple of retailers in Toronto, I really will have to stop by for a visit. Maybe I'll wear a wig and dark glasses and go incognito ;) Kidding!

For the complete list of English Muffin retailers, please check my website.

Have a wonderful Friday!
xo bess