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decor8 - press

On Tuesday I got a wonderful surprise - English Muffin was featured on the decor8 design blog. This is huge, friends. Huge. Every Tuesday blogger Holly Becker rounds up her five favourite Etsy shops, and this week my little English Muffin got a nod. I couldn't be more pleased. My Etsy shop has been bumpin' ever since, and between packaging orders, communicating with customers and dashing to the post office (I spent $91 on shipping yesterday) I had a little realization: I need to get more eyes on English Muffin. I believe there is a way to do this, ah yes... advertising.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a bit of a Frugal Fanny and try not to spend more money than I need to. Up until now, this method has served me pretty well. It's allowed me to test the waters, showing me that even with my minimal investment (aka risk) I have something viable here in English Muffin. However, lately as I plan for the future and think about how to grow my business, I keep facing this pesky "you've gotta spend money to make money" mantra repeating in my head, which brings us back to advertising.

I'm thinking of starting small, a little English Muffin ad carefully placed on a relevant blog. This week I had the benefit of decor8's prime real estate, and there is of course no substitute for the endorsement of a trusted blogger, however with even a fraction of that exposure I think an English Muffin ad would be a good investment.

So friends, are there any blogs you love that you think might be a good fit with English Muffin? Have you had any experiences with advertising that you'd like to share? I'd really appreciate any tips!

Have a wonderful Thursday,
xo bess