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I follow the UK shop Present & Correct on facebook, and this morning, thanks to the fun picture below, got lost in the archive of awesome photos that they regularly post to their fb stream.


I love how they take ordinary objects and create extra-ordinary images. It's a skill, fo' sure, one I'm not so sure I possess. I've been struggling with photo styling the English Muffin products, I'd love to have some great pics to showcase on my website but have trouble setting up the shot / creating the look. I am pretty certain that in the near future I'm going to have to call in the pros. Good photography is so important to running a successful web-based business that it will definitely be money well spent.

In the meantime I'm still compiling my "styling" folder, filling it with images like these ones from Present & Correct.


How about you? Any styling inspiration you'd like to share?

Happy Friday!

images: Present & Correct