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I've been working on putting together my illustration portfolio—a task that any artist will know is very time consuming and not so fun. The bright side however, is that I now have a nice little portfolio folder on my desktop full of neat and tidy jpegs of my recent work. It's great to see all of those images in there, it gives me a real sense of accomplishment after a year of feeling like I haven't been able to put 100% of myself into very much besides taking care of Edwin. I thought it was time to get some of these images onto the blog, so I've uploaded a few to share. 

These are some of my favourites from a column that Papa Chuck and I have worked on together for Pure Green Magazine, it's called Eco-Logical. Charles (who has a PhD in Forest Ecology) writes about an ecological topic that is relevant to the theme of each issue and I create an accompanying illustration. It's been a really neat project to work on together and we always love the final result! 

Pure Green Magazine - issue 10 / vol. 4

Pure Green Magazine - issue 9 / vol. 3

Pure Green Magazine - issue 8 / vol. 2

Pure Green Magazine - issue 7 / vol. 1

Pure Green Magazine - issue 6

If you'd like to see more of my illustration work for Pure Green Magazine you can visit the website, check out the new iPad app, or better yet get yourself a copy in print!

xo Bess