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1. Mr. Darcy Cross Stitch Pattern 2. Custom Rubber Address Stamp

1. Pennant Pillow Cover 2. Wood Panel Wildflowers

1. Linen Pincushion 2. Emmaline Lace Necklace

Some eye candy for you today (ahem, Mr. Darcy). I could really go for a spot of tea and a dash of Pride and Prejudice right now, sigh...

A few perfect pairs from the English Muffin studio this week:

oatmeal + brown sugar (my new favourite breakfast!)
cozy socks + cozier slippers
etsy + paypal (it's been a busy week!)

et toi? any perfect pairs you'd like to share?

Have a wonderful Thursday! I'll be signing off for the weekend now. Big Chuck and I will be in Toronto over the weekend for my sister-in-law's baby shower. Hurray for family + babies!

See you Tuesday...
xx bess