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St. Hubert's new "green" packaging

If you love looking at great packaging design on blogs like TheDieline and Lovely Package (like me!), then you should really check out Packaging | UQAM. The site's curator, Sylvain Allard, is a professor at L'École de Design at L'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). He is interested in sustainable and environmentally sound packaging design. I particularly like the Québecois Rotisseries St-Hubert's new eco-friendly packaging. They made a move away from styrofoam to recyclable materials as well as reducing the size of their containers.

Here are a few more things I like over at Packaging | UQAM...

serif bag
Serif Tote Bag by Little Factory

tissue box
Justin Lortie proposes a reflection on the environment.

Helvetica Biscuits by Beverly Hsu

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