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Mark Pavey's Personal Manifesto
Mark Pavey's Personal Manifesto via Mustard & Sage

I am coming to you today from the comfort of my couch. Thank goodness it's Friday and I don't have to teach any little kids today, since they are afterall the reason I am surrounded by piles of used kleenexes at the moment. It was bound to happen, even with my most earnest efforts to wash my hands as often as possible, the germs just love me. Oh well... (may I say that Big Chuck, who is working from home today, just delivered lunch to my makeshift infirmary... veggie curry - ich liebe dich!).

Under these circumstances I could really use a little cheering up. So, I thought I would share graphic designer Mark Pavey's Personal Manifesto with you. Nothing like some affirmative phrases to lift one's spirits. Hope it inspires you too :)

Have a wonderful weekend!