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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Big Chuck and I went to Ontario and spent a full week traveling from house to house visiting family and friends. We were on the fence about whether we would go home this holiday as the baby is due shortly, but in the end decided that we would risk it. We ended up packing a bag for the baby too—you know, just in case ;) Luckily, my little bun is still in my oven, although his due date is fast approaching. While up north we took this photo to mark the end of the 36th week of my pregnancy.

The beginning of this new year feels very different than the new year's that have gone before. I feel like our new year begins when the little guy arrives, I'm so busy tying up loose ends and trying to get everything ready before the baby comes, but what an exciting way to start the year!

I wish you all a 2012 filled with love, happiness and health. 

xox Bess