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The Dandelion Print

For the 10th and final edition of Pure Green Magazine, I created two botanical illustrations—one of a dandelion plant, and one of a calendula plant—for a piece on Heritage Herbs. The most wonderful thing about working for such a thoughtful and engaging publication was that with every assignment came a chance to learn something new. 

The dandelion plant—which is loathed by lawn owners, but loved by children—offers many useful and practical applications. 

“Records of dandelion being used for medicinal purposes date back to ancient Egypt and China...” Pure Green Magazine

Every part of the plant, except for the stem, is edible (which is useful information to the mother of a flower eating baby), and its abundance makes it easy to find and harvest.

The dandelion plant promotes healthy digestion, supports the body's detoxification system and is high in vitamin A and potassium. 

All of the illustrations I have created for Pure Green Magazine hold a special place in my illustrator's heart, however many of them do not easily make the transition from magazine spread to art print, happily, the dandelion did! 

I am very pleased to present—to the lovers of dandelions, big and small, the Dandelion Print! The print shows the flowering stages of the plant, including the much loved stage when they go to seed. Pooof!