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I came across the work of Eva Juliet for the first time without even knowing it. I often read Nikole's blog, forty-sixth at grace, and she had posted a beautifully illustrated recipe for some adorable button cookies. In my haste to download the recipe I must have completely missed the link to Eva's wonderful work. Luckily, I found her again via another blog I love, elephantine. I was so happily surprised when I clicked over to the Eva Juliet Etsy shop to find out that she's a Canadian girl, from Montréal to be exact. So, of course I couldn't resist doing a Canadiana Tuesday post on the lovely work of Ms. Eva Juliet.


I find her illustrations and calligraphy so charming. I would love to have one of her prints in my kitchen, and while she offers most of her prints in both French and English, I think I'd definitely opt for a French one! Her work has a lovely vintage feel, its delicate simplicity is perfectly paired with soft washes of colour and the occasional water spot, wrinkle or smudge.


You can purchase Eva's work in her Etsy shop. And, while you're there make sure you check out her other (equally wonderful) shop, eveluche, for her paintings and plush animals.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!