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Yesterday was really cold. The kind of cold where all you can see of your fellow pedestrians on the sidewalk is two little eyes, surrounded by hats, hoods and bundled up scarves. The kind of cold that makes me really thankful to the little rabbit sitting on my head. Yes, I have a rabbit fur hat, not purchased by me - but a gift, and I wear it everyday from November until March. It is so warm. And am I so thankful to the petit lapin for all the warmth that she/he provides me over the long and cold Canadian winters.

Are you still my friend?



That's why I love the recycled fur creations from Toronto-based accessories brand Headmistress. Founder, Jillian Wood, creates these gorgeous one of a kind muff-clutches, cuffs and headbands from vintage fur coats. She also has some beautiful creations made from feathers available in her shop too.

Have a warm Tuesday!
xx bess

(images: Headmistress)