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Ten years ago today, Big Chuck and I went out on our very first date. Apparently, now that we're married we aren't supposed to celebrate this anniversary, instead reset the counter and start from 1 when our first wedding anniversary comes around. But let's be honest, to spend one third of my life with someone is pretty significant. I met Big Chuck when I was 19... 19! During the period of my life where I feel I've done the most growing, changing and evolving as a person we somehow managed to do it all together. While it wasn't always easy - there were definitely a few bumps in the road, it (we) always made sense. Who I have become has a lot to do with him. I would never have had the audacity to ask a sales person to give me last week's discounted price even though the deal is over, or know how to pump gas, or how to build a kitchen table or know nearly as much as I do about trees.

Ten years... it kind of blows my mind. But you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun.

Happy anniversary, Charlie.

xx bess

(photo: 280dg)