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(photo via flickr)

1. The CBC
Even in Europe I'm still addicted to Radio One and we watch the National nightly (we don't mind that it's yesterday's news). May I recommend my favourite podcasts?
The Current
As It Happens
Quirks and Quarks
The Vinyl Café
The Hour
(all of which can be found here.)

2. Timbits
Tim Horton's bite-sized treats! Only in Canada can the recycled hole of the doughnut become a national obsession.

3. Cold lakes and green trees
It saddened me to realize that I don't have any pictures from the cottage on my computer. In the great hard drive bust of 2009 I must have lost them all. But no worries, all cottages look like the photo above.

4. The Queen
She is our head of state, and I think that's neat.

5. The flag, the beaver and hockey (but not NHL hockey, only hockey played in outdoor rinks by children under the age of 10). And The Mounties too, but only when they're on horseback.

6. Eating snow drizzled with maple syrup, our version of a slushie.
Something I think every school-age Canadian kid has done while on a field trip to the sugar bush.

7. Nicey nice people
It's true what they say. We are a country of polite people. I never believed it having spent so much time in Toronto, but it's true. I love us!! Oh, and we're also quite modest... oops.

8. Anne of Green Gables
You can watch the whole movie on you tube. Guess what I'll be doing tonight!

9. Little Italy, Little India, Little Portugual, Chinatown (both of them), Little Vietnam (this is the section of Spadina Ave. where all the Vietnamese restaurants are - I just christened it Little Vietnam)
I love all the food, thank goodness for multiculturalism.

10. French
Mais oui je parle français, je suis Canadienne!

Oh Canada... Happy 142nd birthday!
ps. this is my 200th post!